Rachelle Ymay Skilling

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Rachelle Ymay Skilling is an artist and mother living in Calgary, Alberta.

Her work can be described as ‘Narrative artwork’ illustrating experiences in her life. 

"Art about motherhood has been historically devalued. Themes of domestic life and the home are not frequently on display on our gallery walls. I challenge this within my art practice and believe there is a continuity between homemaking and art-making. My paintings are records of the daily moments that define my role as mother, wife, daughter and artist.

My paintings document chaos and quiet, the routine and unfamiliar, play and work, intimacy and emptiness, happiness and sorrow. In my paintings, toilets are overflowing. Parents have a moment of intertwined intimacy. A mother relaxes with a cup of tea. Two small boys play with a train set. A father naps holding his son. A mother breastfeeds her baby. My paintings always begin as quick pencil sketches in my drawing diary, moments captured on the fly."

Rachelle co-hosts the podcast with her husband Eric, called Tip Tap Tip; “we are fun!