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Geneva Haley

Is an artist and tattooer from southern Alberta, Canada. She credits her rural roots as a key influence in her contemporary work. Haley studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design, completing her Bachelor of Design in Illustration. 


Her work evokes a specific anxiety that attempts to bring landscape painting into the current environmental and social context through pointed suggestions of human intervention. The environment acts as a personified subject in an ongoing visual narrative. Often representational in appearance, the work exhibits a distinct and almost comical lack of romanticism. 


Her 2019 show SCRAPS, is currently on tour across Alberta, Canada through the Alberta Foundation For the Arts.


She co-owns Hemlock Tattoo Studio. Where they are committed to seeking out education relevant to the tattoo industry, and implementing that education into protocols and personal training in order to protect both client and tattooer. The priority is to cultivate an atmosphere of transparency, where questions and curiosity about the tattooing process is encouraged. They are committed intentionally changing the tattoo industry.


 When she is not working she is singing with her band Stripmall.

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